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International Women’s Day

The United Nations began celebrating International Women’s Day in 1975, and in 1977, the UN General Assembly declared March 8 as International Women’s Day in support of women’s rights and global peace. Since then, the United Nations has commemorated the day by establishing a theme each year. At LISAA School of Design in order to […]


An Acceptance Survey at Ragi Kana

A final year student Shreya N from the Fashion Design Department at LISAA School of Design,  conducted a survey to study the acceptance of Baby Play Mats with Warli Art at Ragi Kana. The word ‘Warli’ is derived from Warla, meaning “piece of land” or “field”. Warli paintings are narrative paintings, and the themes portray […]


Professional Counseling at LISAA

What is counseling? Counseling is a collaborative relationship between you and the therapist focused on helping you navigate through everyday concerns. How can it help you? It is a safe space, where your conversations with the therapist are kept confidential. It is a space to explore one’s self, navigate through concerns, learn better coping strategies […]


Caravan Design

A Caravan or RV cab is the perfect solution for your short business trips. The cost and luxury of driving between cities in comfort, has been a long sought-after business expense among entrepreneurs. Caravans are not only for leisure purpose but for working professionals to travel across a distance of 17-25km or even employees commuting […]


The Global Culture “PAINTINGS”

The 2nd Year students Reio & Sahana at LISAA School of Design from the Fashion Designing department  wanted to show our culture in a different way, so they  chose their Theme  as “PAINTINGS” .  Each country has a history of famous Artists and their Paintings.  Our cultures hold an immense place in Our hearts. It […]