CREO Valley provides Editing course with training in softwares like Final Cut Pro, AVID and Adobe Premier including visual effects and color correction.

1 Year


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diploma , editing , film , film making

At CREO Valley, an aspiring editor will be trained in editing softwares like Final Cut Pro (FCP), AVID and Adobe Premier. An intensive training for visual effects and color correction will be given on Smoke and After Effects.

Affiliations: Earn a Diploma from JNTE (Council of Skill Development) & QAI, London (UK)

  • Level 4 Professional Diploma in Film Making with  specialization in Editing [recognized by QAI, London (UK)]
  • Level 4 Professional Certificate in Film Making with specialization in Editing [recognized by QAI, London (UK)]

Our state of the Art Mac Lab Setup gives you an ultimate cutting edge in learning the intricacies of the Art of Editing.

Editing is where movies are made or broken. Many a film has been saved and many a film has been ruined in the editing room – Joe Dante

  • Introduction of editing in films.
  • Power of Editing. Role of a video editor.
  • Idea of Continuity and Montage
  • Selection of a shot, Frame and Composition
  • Creative use of Transitions
  • Timing, Pace, Rhythm
  • Parallel action / Intercut
  • A lucid Cut, Rules of Editing, Breaking the Rules
  • Creative use of sound. Sound editing.
  • Handling Dialogue and Action. Creating Drama through cuts.
  • Art of shaping a story through cuts. Suspense and Surprise factor.
  • Understanding Negative, Video, Digital.
  • Multi-camera set-up / Off-line and On-line Editing
  • Beat-cutting / Editing Song
  • Documentary Editing
  • Working on Software 
    • Organize program elements, mark clips & use the timeline
    • Working with clips
    • Prepare & Work on Rough cut
    • Cutting to music and narration
    • And many more basic & advanced techniques
      on editing softwares

Student’s work: