Workshops are a great way for students to learn about a particular subject, learn new projects, and methods in order to better their skills. Attending workshops can help students achieve success in their academic environment by putting these skills into practice.

At CREO Valley / LISAA we strongly believe in learning by practical exposures hence we conduct several workshops on a regular basis where professionals from Industry interact with students and provide them regular guidance and training.

Below are a few videos from our recent workshops.

1. Topic: Protective Medical Textiles
Conducted by: Dr. Indu Shekar
Background: Award-Winning Textile Scientist, working with DRDO, Ministry of Defence for the past 25 years. He is India’s leading expert on fabrics resistant to fire, bullets, and germs
Date: 12th June 2020
Description: The topic covered focuses on exploring technical textiles for defense and fashion. He expanded on the opportunities in the Defence Sector for redesigning Protective clothing for Hot & Cold weather conditions for both male and female pilots. Along with understanding the applications of such textiles in the SAF jackets, COVID patient transport system, HAPO Chamber, and Boots Furlined. All this and more gave the fashion students a broader perspective of the scope of fashion design even in the medical textiles sector.
2. Topic: Formulating Retail Strategies and Implementing promotions to generate sales
Conducted by: Sreelatha
Background: Area Business Manager, Arvind Mills Ltd with 16+ years of experience in Store Operations, Retail Management, Merchandising, Business Development, Sales and Marketing & Operations Management
Date: 19th June 2020
Description: The webinar highlighted the Current Status Of the Retail Industry amidst the pandemic, the impact of Covid-19 on Retail in India, strategies to be adopted by retail design, promotion strategies, and finally the way forward in Retail Design and what that looks like. In addition, she discussed how the Indian fashion retail market has witnessed several fascinating changes and challenges in recent years, which are indicators of the country’s evolving fashion retail market. Not to mention, the growing demand for fashion accessories makes the Indian fashion market both interesting and lucrative
3.  Topic: Future of Styling Post COVID-19
Conducted by: Anuj Lalwani
Background: Renowned Fashion Designer & Calibered Stylist. An alumnus of the prestigious NIFT Delhi, with 17 years of experience under his belt. His Pret & Couture lines retail in stores across various cities in India.
Date: 3rd July 2020
Description: The webinar focuses on styling as a career and what that looks like in a post COVID era. He reflected on several of his works and publications in various magazines and how he worked closely with multiple brands to achieve various visual narratives fusing his creativity with the deliverables of the brands he’s closely worked with.
4.  Topic: Building a brand in the Digital Age
Conducted by: Christopher Ravichandran
Background: Founder and Creative Director of Norm Mag
Date: 9th July 2020
Description: The webinar highlighted the importance of Storytelling supported by a brief study of Aristotle’s Rhetorical Triangle. He expanded on a few point-like- “In a sea of sameness, be

unforgettable. More than customers, build
a tribe. Be profitable and human”

He also shared some insights on brands he admires and draws storytelling inspiration from, eg: Raw Mango, Good Earth. He further elaborated on what he calls the holy trinity – strategy, design, and tech and how with these 3 fundamentals one can find your Niche, Define your strategy, Perfect your product, Pick your channels Nail your story
5.  Topic: Designers Relevance, Originality, and Impact
Conducted by: Reena P Krishnan
Background: Renowned Fashion Consultant and Designer
Date: 11th September 2020
Description:  She expanded on the need to understand the client. Their needs and demands. Assessing and understanding the needs of the client, translating these needs into the briefs. Furthermore, translating these briefs into products that meet the client requirement which invariably leads to a happy client and a long term relationship with the client. She also highlighted the challenges freshers face, that they need to be equipped in varied areas of skill and expertise to understand the needs of the client. For eg: she stressed the need to be thorough with tech packs, flat sketches, etc achieved through multiple design software like Illustrator and Photoshop. She also expanded on the journey to making one’s own brand and some probable obstacles that could come in the way, she spoke from her own experience in the industry about the same.