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sound engineering

CREO Valley's comprehensive program in Sound Engineering is developed for those who love to play with sound and music.

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CREO Valley has designed a comprehensive program in Sound Engineering for those who love to play with sound and music. The school incorporates an impressive list of facilities. Our computer lab facilities are also of the highest standard, where each student is assigned Apple iMac / PC workstation depending on the project, fully equipped with the required industry software.

Affiliations: QAI, London (UK)

  • Level 4 Professional Diploma in Film Making with  specialization in Sound Engineering [recognized by QAI, London (UK)]
  • Level 4 Professional Certificate in Film Making with specialization in Sound Engineering (provided by CREO Valley)

This program covers sound recording in different conditions, editing, sound mixing, voice over, dubbing and creating sound effects. Become an expert in managing and working with the state of the art equipment and Setup.

Films are 50 percent visual and 50 percent sound. Sometimes sound even overplays the visual.- David Lynch

The students get theoretical as well as technical inputs on key skills that are required for Audio Recording & Design such as

  • Indoor and outdoor location recording
  • Studio recording
  • Single & Multi track recording
  • Music recording
  • Dialogue and Voice over recording
  • Foley recording & Dubbing
  • Audio cleaning & editing
  • Understanding screenplays
  • Understanding mise-en-scene
  • Understanding standard audio post production workflows
  • Track laying, mono & stereo mixing for film

About CREO Valley

CREO Valley offers is rated among the top colleges of Film Making & Photography. CREO Valley offers courses in Film Making, Film Direction, Film Editing, Cinematography & Photography.

CREO Valley owns and operate other esteemed institutions as LISAA School Of Design, Bangalore. CREO Valley is recognized by University in India, and QAI, UK for its excellence in higher education. 

Important Note: The information provided on the website is true at the time of creation of it. Please note any and all information provided here is subject to change. Please check with the school management for continuous updates and revisions to the information.


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