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CREO Valley is associated with LISAA, France to offer admissions to courses in Design & is recognized to offer International Diploma (Level 4; for selected courses) from QAI, London, UK

  • About LISAA School of Design, France
  • JNTE – CSD (Jawaharlal Nehru Technical Education – Council Of Skill Development): CREO Valley, Bangalore is an authorized Training Center of JNTE-CSD
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    • JNTE CSD has designed non-UGC and non-AICTE Certificate and  Diploma courses which are the specified job-oriented and self entrepreneur courses in the field of Fashion & Interior Designing, Animation & VFX, Film Making, and other Vocational  & non-AICTE Engineering courses, to promote industry-oriented training. In this case, JNTE CSD is taking the initiative to develop their skills by conducting training through workshops, seminars by engaging professionals in similar fields.
    • JNTE CSD authorized centers create a special platform between the students and various Industries. Institutions & Companies to provide practical exposure for the students through Internships / on the job training and Industrial training. Apart from the Technical skills we also provide Life skills that play a key role in their individual life irrespective of age/sex/caste/ territory.
    • ACADEMIC STANDARDS: JNTE CSD has prepared a challenging and skill-based curriculum for Various Courses. The curriculum is in accordance with the curriculum of Modular Employable Skills (MES) of the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) so that the interested candidates can adopt for certification through NCVT simultaneously. This curriculum will equip the students well with the required knowledge and skills.
    • And also an autonomous body, each educational organization acts on its own discretionary powers. According to these powers, every Board / University / State Governments / Central Government of India has the liberty and right to take its own decision either to allow or refuse any admission/service. But we do our best to make success the non-formal education program. The entire education program is run by the JNTE CSD which is its own autonomous education program. Legality, Validity, Utility of the education program is strict conformity with the constitution of India and law of the land under Article 19(1) G, 29 & 30.
    • Recognitions: JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNICAL EDUCATION-COUNCIL OF SKILL DEVELOPMENT (JNTE-CSD) is Established under Govt. of NCT Delhi, India. JNTE-CSDis Registered with Planning Commission Yojana Bhawan, Govt. of India, New Delhi 110001. JNTE-CSD is registered with the Ministry of HRD(CR ACT), Govt. of India. JNTE-CSD working UNDER HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION ACT,1993 Autonomous bodies have been given special protection & consideration. (For further details refer: AIR 1993 SC-2178). JNTE-CSD is an autonomous organization in pursuance of National Policy on Education 1986 by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India. Institutional member of National Safety Council (NSC) and Quality Council of India(QCI). The Govt. of India Ministry of Labour & Employment, Directorate General of Employment and Training(DGE&T) has issued letter No.DGE-U-11011/2/2016-EE-1 to JNTE-CSD to Register certificates / Diplomas in all Employment exchanges across India.
  • Singhania University
  • QAI, London UK
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      qai london

      Quality Assurance and Accreditation services for Schools, Colleges, and Higher Education Institutions.
      Consultancy Services. QAI offers a variety of qualifications mapped to the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), UK. The QAI qualifications are practical, current, and job-oriented that are developed with industry input and continuously updated

    • QAI programs, courses, qualifications, and assessments are available only through its network of ‘QAI Approved Centres’

Admission Guidelines

  • Please note Due to heavy demand for Admissions at CREO Valley, Bangalore, and the availability of a few seats per department, we follow a strict process to choose the students applying for admissions.
  • Lateral Entry
    • Lateral Entry to Degree and Diploma programs is subject to approval from our Academic Team. Please send an email to to get further details.
    • For admission in Lateral Year, please contact the Admissions Coordinator.
  • Standard Requirements: Students should be highly motivated with an interest in the field of Media, Film, Arts, and Design.
  • School Guidelines / Tuition:
    • Successful learning implies certain conditions including a comfortable environment to facilitate student development. This is only possible with clearly defined guidelines followed by all concerned. The school rules, listed below, are meant to provide optimal working conditions for everyone.
  • Attendance
    • From the beginning of the school year, students must be aware of class timetables & follow them. Attendance is mandatory for all, and no unjustified lateness or absences will be tolerated.
    • Students who anticipate an absence from CREO Valley must inform the administrative offices, which reserve the right to refuse the request if the motive seems unwarranted. In case of frequent lateness or absences, the student will be summoned by the Department Director. Following the meeting, the student’s stance will determine the measures taken by the school’s director. In case of several warnings, this could lead to expulsion.
  • School / Tuition Fees
    • School fee once paid is non-transferable and non-refundable under any circumstances. The cost of materials to be used during the learning period will be borne by students.
  • Exams
    • As part of their training, students are obliged to hand in a certain number of projects. The frequency of the projects is determined by each department faculty and projects may take place either within or outside actual classes.
    • To meet course program requirements the student should anticipate that an appreciable amount of work must be done outside the classroom.
    • Work will be commented on and graded, and these grades allow the staff to follow a student’s evolution and observe his work and effort. Any work turned in late will be graded as 0 (which will influence the student’s grade average). Report cards will be sent out twice a year.
    • In addition to training, several juries are organized during the school year to prepare each student for his portfolio presentation. These juries will also provide evaluations.
  • Trips / Excursions
    • At CREO Valley we firmly believe that trips/excursions are an integral part of any well-rounded educational program. These excursions are carefully organized, and their main goal is to combine learning and fun while giving our students the chance to come in close contact with culture, history, and traditions to explore new facets of Media, Art & Design. Students will be taken for two excursions in one academic year. It is mandatory for students to participate and bear the cost of such excursions. Work was done there will be evaluated internally and by jury.
  • Promotion to the following year
    • An overall view of grades obtained throughout the year will determine a student’s moving on to the following year.
  • Discipline
    • Students are required to maintain a correct attitude in the classroom and in the school in general. Any offense to this protocol may result in a warning to the student. Any decision by the administration, for indiscipline or poor work, is non-negotiable and may result in expulsion.
  • Security
    • For reasons of security and hygiene, smoking or the use of any illegal substances is strictly forbidden in CREO Valley premises.
    • The school will not be responsible for any ailment/ injuries/ accidents or any other mishappenings of any nature inside and outside the campus.
  • Student Loan:
    • Several courses at CREO Valley are eligible for Student Loans from the majority of banks. Many of our students have availed the Education Loans from banks such as State Bank Of India, Canara Bank, Bank Of Baroda, and likewise.
    • Our Admissions team can assist you in preparing your documents for Education Loan. Please reach out to them at to get further details.

Once the admission process is started, the Admissions Coordinator will share a copy of the Application Form with the prospective student.

Filling up the application form:

  • If the final mark sheet / Transcripts are available, then attach the copy of the results. If the marks/grades are not known or not available at the time of filling the application, then please indicate “ Results are awaited” in the marks/grades column. Students who will be appearing for the GCE ‘A’ Levels and IB examinations will have to enclose forecast / predicted results certified by the school. All other candidates are expected to send their final results to the university as soon as it is available to ascertain their eligibility. It is to be noted that the application will be considered only if the mark sheets/transcripts are made available to the university within the stipulated date.

Attach the following documents :

  • Certified copy of the mark sheet/grade sheet/transcripts of the qualifying examination
  • Copy of passport of the applicant ( personal detail pages)
  • Passport size photograph

Provisional Admissions: On satisfying all the eligibility requirements, the provisional admission confirmation letter will be emailed to you.

Confirmed Admissions: A letter of confirmed admission will be issued when the first installment course fee as mentioned is received by us.

Documents Required for Admissions to Undergraduate Programs:

  • Marks cards 10th & 12th std, issued by the Board / University.
  • Copies of valid Passport & Student Visa (for International Students)
  • Conduct / Character certificate & Transfer certificate issued by the School / College last studied.
  • Medically Fit Certificate.
  • Ten passports & Ten stamp size photos.

The document here is prepared only to help parents, students, and friends of CREO Valley, Bangalore to find accommodations close to the School Campus.

Please note that the School in no manner recommends or suggests any particular facility as compared to others. The readers are strongly suggested to make the decision considering their individual requirements. Our schools have more than 60% of students staying in PG facilities nearby with more than 10% of those being International Students.