The Global Culture “PAINTINGS”

The 2nd Year students Reio & Sahana at LISAA School of Design from the Fashion Designing department  wanted to show our culture in a different way, so they  chose their Theme  as “PAINTINGS

Each country has a history of famous Artists and their Paintings. 

Our cultures hold an immense place in Our hearts. It has molded us into the people we are today . From Our differences to Our similarities it plays a part in everything.  

From many generations it’s been passed down to us. But how has it been passed down to us ,through various art forms of course.  Stories have been passed down through dance forms, sculptures and of course paintings.

They have taken some famous paintings like the Great Wave  Shakuntala,Adams creation , starry night,  Frida Khalo, and African prints. 

But nowadays we have all moved on to a more work based environment. We have all been paving  our wave  through a concrete jungle and in this race we often forget our own cultures behind. So today we have curated a fashion Line which combines our modern day formals with art that has passed down our cultures for centuries to represent our diversities but more importantly the unity that comes from our differences.

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