Caravan Design

A Caravan or RV cab is the perfect solution for your short business trips. The cost and luxury of driving between cities in comfort, has been a long sought-after business expense among entrepreneurs. Caravans are not only for leisure purpose but for working professionals to travel across a distance of 17-25km or even employees commuting from their place to work.

Starting with the definition of a caravan, suitable re – creational vehicles, parking space, Taking HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems into consideration, the spaces will be ergonomically planned with a kitchenette, shower area, a bed, vanity space, work desk including all the basic amenities like wi-fi, television and Air conditioning etc

The goal of my THESIS is to design a Caravan by providing the necessary comfort and a luxurious travel experience where the passengers are kept engaged in some activity without skipping any part of their daily routine and make their day productive while commuting.

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