A Cinematographer plays a very important role in the process of film making. Cinematography training in cameras, functions, lighting, angles, movements.

1 Year


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A Cinematographer plays a very important role in the process of film making. His job is to convey the perspective of the Director to the audience effectively. The Course aims to give the student a thorough training in every required aspect of Cinematography ,including Introduction to different cameras, their functions, lighting, camera angles & movements etc.

Affiliations: Earn a Diploma from JNTE (Council of Skill Development) & QAI, London (UK)

  • Level 4 Professional Diploma in Film Making with  specialization in Cinematography [recognized by QAI, London (UK)]
  • Level 4 Professional Certificate in Film Making with specialization in Cinematography [recognized by QAI, London (UK)]

The course will cover camera work for films, television, sports, documentaries and wildlife shoots. The students will be trained by renowned cinematographers from all these areas. The infrastructure at CREO Valley has been setup to maintain International Standards in teaching Cinematography.

“Cinematography is infinite in its possibilities… much more so than music or language.” – Conrad Hall

The students get theoretical as well as practical inputs on key skills that are required for Digital Cinematography such as:

  • Using light & spot meters
  • Understanding natural light
  • Using artificial lights
  • Understanding lenses and lensing
  • Shooting for documentary
  • Shooting for fiction
  • Shooting for mixed form
  • Understanding screenplays
  • Understanding mise-en-scene
  • Lighting for small & multi- character set ups
  • Shooting with track, trolley and crane
  • Understanding standard post production workflows
  • Digital Inter-negative and color correction processes
  • Production planning with lights & light boys

Affiliations: This course is recognized by QAI London, UK.

Student’s work: