Film Making

Process of Making Short Filmmaking   

Filmmaking is an art-form of endless possibilities, so you don’t want to start the process by telling yourself that what you want to make is impossible.  Planning plays a very important role while Making a Short Film  In this stage you work out your filmmaking idea and how you will tell your Story. Your idea […]


Orientation Day at LISAA School of design

The main Goal of the Orientation Day was to Welcome all the Freshers to their new Journey and is to familiarize students with their teachers and provide a sneak peek into their first year of course content. A welcome address was given by Mr. Devraj Sir the Associate Director & Principal of LISAA School of […]


3D Design Display for Open Day 2022

3D Design Display is our installation for our Navarasa project which is a part of our 3D Design classes, Navarasa in Sanskrit translates to nine emotions or rasas which are Shringararas, Hasyaras, Karunaras, Raudraras, Veeraras, Bhayanakaras, Bibhatsaras, Adhbutharas and Shantharas. Our project is about the Hasyaras which translates to joy or laughter,Our installation is aimed […]


Shoot visit by DFM Students

Diploma in Filmmaking students of Sep 2021 and Mar 2022 were taken to a corporate film shoot on 25 and 26 July, for a live production experience. Corporate film shoots are one of the important formats of Audio visual materials used by corporates in B to B and B to C communications. During one such […]


‘SHADES’ In house Creovalley feature film

Creovalley campus is one of the most happening campuses in Bangalore when it comes to media and design. Here students are getting on field experience as recently we have launched the programme in which their theories are converted into practical on set experience by converting them into the crew. Creovalley have announced and currently is […]