Process of Making Short Filmmaking   

Filmmaking is an art-form of endless possibilities, so you don’t want to start the process by telling yourself that what you want to make is impossible. 

Planning plays a very important role while Making a Short Film 

In this stage you work out your filmmaking idea and how you will tell your Story. Your idea should be simple. Once you’ve got your idea, write a script and make storyboards or shot lists.Make sure you have all the people and all the gear you need before you start shooting

Brainstorming is also considered as one of the essential steps of Film Pre-Production Every film begins life as a fleeting idea—just a spark. It’s at this stage you need to harness your creative energy and turn that idea into something real. And brainstorming is the perfect technique for the job.

Brainstorming is a classic creative technique that helps you create lots of ideas in minutes. You can use it to explore the topic for your film, dream up new characters, locations, or even the visual style you’re after. It’s best thought of as a way to light up our imagination.


These pictures are taken during the process of a short film by DFM (Filmmaking) Students at LISAA School of Design . We can see they are going through the process of shooting with Cinema camera and light fixtures. They have a team which includes Director, Cinematographer, editor, Actors with the support of  2nd unit crew. Maintaining the process discipline of location hunting, scheduling production and shifts of post production it helps for the final execution. Students of Creo Valley are experiencing professional filmmaking during their course period with all the equipment and training provided by college.




Short film’s greatest importance and benefit to society relate to the documentary. The medium of the documentary in short film form gives audiences access to topics and issues they otherwise would not know about. Sometimes, even within a small municipality, members of a small community are not aware of issues that directly affect them. A filmmaker can put forth these issues in a documentary, bringing awareness to the issue and helping the community rally for change. Short documentary films bring collective awareness, which increases the potential for change, sometimes in the form of legislation, other times in the form of personal behavior. Short documentary films can be both entertaining and educational, which is a powerful mix and can expand one’s life by expanding one’s awareness.

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