3D Design Display for Open Day 2022

3D Design Display for Open Day 2022

3D Design Display is our installation for our Navarasa project which is a part of our 3D Design classes, Navarasa in Sanskrit translates to nine emotions or rasas which are Shringararas, Hasyaras, Karunaras, Raudraras, Veeraras, Bhayanakaras, Bibhatsaras, Adhbutharas and Shantharas.

Our project is about the Hasyaras which translates to joy or laughter,
Our installation is aimed about making the viewer laugh, smirk or smile at a simple joke
The body is make from a metal GI wire mesh which is wrapped with binding wire and coated with a newspaper and tissue coat for sturdity.

The color palette selected is is a primary colour scheme, which is vibrant and joyful in nature,
The whole idea is situated around looking inside the face of our installation named “S.H.A.S.H” or “Super Happy Amazing Smily Hero” for a joke, and when peered into you see a mirror.
So jokes on you!

To explore more art works and designs, LISAA Bangalore cordially invites you for the OPEN DAYS 2022 Celebrations held on 19th & 20th of August 2022 at our campus. Join us to make this celebrations a grand success.

Schedule of Events for OPEN DAYS 2022.

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