Fashion Design

Professional Counseling at LISAA

What is counseling? Counseling is a collaborative relationship between you and the therapist focused on helping you navigate through everyday concerns. How can it help you? It is a safe space, where your conversations with the therapist are kept confidential. It is a space to explore one’s self, navigate through concerns, learn better coping strategies […]


The Global Culture “PAINTINGS”

The 2nd Year students Reio & Sahana at LISAA School of Design from the Fashion Designing department  wanted to show our culture in a different way, so they  chose their Theme  as “PAINTINGS” .  Each country has a history of famous Artists and their Paintings.  Our cultures hold an immense place in Our hearts. It […]


End of Semester Jury

End of Semester Jury at LISAA School of Design, Bangalore, gives an opportunity for the design students to receive critique from ‘experts’ and ‘professionals’. Jury’s also educates and trains a student in marketing their work which is an integral part of the Fashion industry.   The Fashion design students had their jury, where each student displayed […]


Design Research On Mumbai : The City of Dreams

At LISAA School of Design Fashion Designing Student has worked with her portfolio Development on the City of Dreams  Mumbai is a mix of iconic and old world charm architecture, strikingly modern high rises, cultural and traditional structures and what not. Being the cultural capital of India, the city has more to its name. To […]


A Whim of Creativity

At LISAA School of  Design a Fashion Design Student worked on his  Design Collection –  “A Whim of Creativity “. Every person has their own creative outlook which guides them towards their collection that brings out the best in a designer. Hence, the design process is that thread which ties the creative mindset of a […]