LISAA School Of Design : Understanding ‘JURY’.

What is jury in interior design? Juries are primarily about design critique and they work best when they’re open, honest, impersonal, and transparent. However, this openness can also mean that jury feedback can be subjective, contradictory, and confusing. What happens in a design jury? Also known as an open jury, students submit their design studio/thesis […]


Foundation Workshops at LISAA

FOUNDATION Students workshop 2- on stippling as a rendering technique. Part of the 3 day workshop conducted by Interior Design Department. Department of ID at LISAA School of Design, organized this workshop visit for foundation batch to Home center, oasis Mall. Aim – To help students understand the commercial aspect of design with different materials […]


Material Exploration

Laminates A synthetic material that mimics the appearance of real wood, laminates are commonly used in both commercial and residential settings. Also, they are available in multiple textures, patterns, colors, and designs including floor and door laminates. These are engineered material made from paper and plastic resins. Thus, from furniture and cabinetry, their implementation today […]


Zen Garden Terrarium

Making a Zen garden terrarium will require lots of careful thought. Zen gardens must make the most of structure and organization, while keeping the harmony of the natural world intact. It is about balance and using stones and sand more than plants to create a feeling of peace in your work. Step One: Think About […]


Luxury Villa Resort

To write a good thesis, consider what your thesis is going to be about. Are there any areas in your field that you would like to explore further?   Research is an important foundation to your thesis. It is important that the flow of your thesis is logical and straightforward. Make an outline to organize […]