Teaching & Learning while exploring Wayanad Nature

Teaching & Learning while exploring Wayanad Nature

The Diploma in Photography students got a chance to visit Wayanad, Kerala for a field trip to learn about Nature Photography firsthand. The trip was headed by Mr Sethu Ratnam, the HOD (Head of the Department) of Photography. All the arrangements for travel and lodging were made by the HOD. The students commenced their trip from Bangalore to Wayanad via the local bus network. On reaching the destination, they got a chance to witness the picturesque little town in the state of Kerala, which provided them with numerous opportunities to experiment and implement their skills in the craft of photography. The eager students started early by capturing the local wildlife while still on the road, their enthusiasm was quite fascinating to watch. On this trip, the students applied the theory and practical understanding of nature photography learned from class and put them into practice.


On day one the students visited Chembra peak, the highest peak in the district of Wayanad. To reach the highest point of the peak, the students had to trek for around three hours. However, despite the exhaustion, the students soldiered through it to reach the summit. Once on top, they experimented with landscape and photography from an elevated area. Which in turn was quite a fruitful experience for them. Day one was completely focused on this location because scaling this mountain is an entire day’s ordeal.


On day two, the group visited Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, situated 20 km east of Mananthavady on the Kodagu Road. The students were able to click a few images of the wildlife there. They also engaged themselves with research photography, landscape photography and the ethics related to it. After this, they visited Kuruva Island, a river delta on the banks of the Kabini river. The uninhabited dense forests and the river provided an excellent landscape to experiment with artificial and natural lighting. 

The next couple of days largely focused on visiting the heritage sites of Eddakal caves, two natural caves located a few miles from Kalpetta. The caves depicted pictorial drawings from the Neolithic period. The students used this site to explore various facets of Archaeological photography and Wayanad Heritage Museum where they further explored methods of photo documentaion of historical artifacts. 


The trip was concluded by a visit to Banasura Sagar Dam, Pookode Lake, a freshwater lake, Meenmutty Falls and Lakkidi View Point. The aforementioned spots provided the students with a crucial insight into the properties of lighting, exposure, detailing and speed. Overall, the trip provided the students with a holistic understanding about photography and highlighted how to navigate through it. It was a meritorious trip for the students.

Student Experience:

Harsh Karena from Oct. 21 batch: We learn so many things about photography lighting and the main thing is in outdoor photography how to get enough and proper light for our subject and also we got so much good experience about landscape and wildlife photography.

Solem from oct. 21 batch: It was a great experience for me, I learned so many things on a trip. Every place everywhere we go it feels different vibes, refreshing, full of nature and I learn a lot about natural lighting, exposure. And last but not the least i learn how to survive without proper food. 

Tejasree from oct. 21 batch: It was a very good experience to explore wayanad while learning new things. We got chance to apply all the knowledge to click the good pictures and it was so good to go to wildlife shoot for the first time and it was budget friendly trip 

Charan from oct. 21 batch: In Wayanad I learned so many things about photography and the place is awesome. I had a good experience and thanks to sir, he teached good about photography in every place.

Amodh from oct. 21 batch: I have been for wayanad trip for 5 days. On that 1st day I learned about landscape photography and it was good. The 2nd day was a wildlife trip. It was ok, not up to the mark. The 3rd, 4th and 5th day was good to be seen and we captured photos which lead to experience and help to feature works. Thank you dpt. Photography for this trip. 

Priyanka Shukla from april 22 batch: I learned so many things on my kerala trip. If i talk about photography, I learned how to use and control lights and how to observe things for pictures. Second thing is how to work as a good team.

Ishaa from april 22 batch: Wayanad trip was a great experience for me. I got to explore different places and photo-ops and spend time with my batchmates. Got to experience shared living and trip planning, adjusting according to the time constraints and overall making it work.

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