Fashion Photography Workshop

Fashion Photography Workshop

Capturing a moment is a person’s way of cherishing memories and hence, the birth of photography. Through the lens, one gets to perceive the photographer’s point of view, their creativity, and expression. Similarly, a designer’s perception and inspiration of the collection comes through the same camera lens where the entire process of conceptualizing an ensemble could be showcased to the audience. This is the reason behind the fashion photography workshop which has been conducted with the intention of making the design students understand the various tools used in clicking the image of a fashion designer’s perception.

The workshop was taken by Mr. Sethu Ratnam, the HOD (Head of the Department) of Photography to the third year students of Fashion Design Department.

Fashion Photography

To being with, just like art, the students have understood that photography also has a canvas where the use of lights, object, shutter speed, aperture, and the concerned subject work together to bring out the aesthetic value of the garment. Since the fashion elements, whether it is a garment or an accessory or even a fabric, are the ones which need to be focused in a picture, the use of colour plays a role in capturing it. Therefore, the workshop had three sections – Introduction to the tools, usage of light, and acquiring practical knowledge.

Firstly, the day started with an introduction of the tools used in any photography such as light, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc. These insights helped students to differentiate the tools and implement that theoretical knowledge in real life when they capture not only their collection but also the environment or the surroundings which complement the ensemble. Next, the students got an overview of how the natural light or even no light at all can be manoeuvred to bring the best in the picture where it is the subject which needs to be focused to even have the details of the garments dominating the picture. Finally, with the help of the professional, the students get to experience the entire process where it is about the perfect angle, light, and the focus.

All in all, the workshop helped the individuals to understand the various stages used in fashion photography and the different important tools required to capture and click those aesthetically pleasing pieces.

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