Importance of Photography in the digital era and how to learn the art?

Importance of Photography in the digital era and how to learn the art?

Humans have been making art since thousands of years ago. Art is created to express ideas, make something more beautiful and keep records of certain events, places or people. In this new age of technology, art is no more restricted to its traditional form. Humans have invented many forms of digital art now, one of which is photographyPhotography is the art of creating images by capturing light with the help of a lens. Let us learn more about photography, its uses in various fields, how to learn photography and how to become a professional photographer.


Photography started as early as the mid-1800s. Since then it has undergone developments continually. Even now, manufacturers as well as photographers and digital artists are trying to upgrade the equipment as well as the art involved in photography. In the late 1980s, the digital camera started to get developed which brought a revolution in the industry. The importance of photography in the digital era is evident from its uses, which are listed below:

  • It is extensively used in advertising to give customers the visual experience of how the product that they are buying would look.
  • It is used in graphic design to outline designs or get inspiration.
  • It is used to capture and analyse data for endangered species of flora and fauna and space (astrophotography).
  • It is used in the field of journalism and acts as the backbone of the information provided to the public.
  • It is used in creative fields like art and fashion to capture high-definition images of people and other elements.
  • It is used in sports to capture images for editorial purposes and assess the actions in a freezing mode.
  • It is used by people to capture special moments in their life that they can revisit later in the form of visual memory. 

With more and more gadgets making their way into the list of essentials in your life, taking photographs has become quite easy now. Most people have a camera phone and a majority of people even own cameras to click photographs in their daily lives. Hence, we could easily assume that almost every other person knows photography but that would be wrong. Just clicking photos using a fancy phone or camera does not make one photographer. The art of photography requires some skills and to become a professional photographer, one needs to learn photography. There are many elements of photography that one needs to learn first to become a skilled photographer.



There are many photography courses for you to learn from. If you want a full-fledged career, then you should opt for a photography degree or a photography diploma from a good institute. The art of photography can be learned and implemented by you in your photographs. There are many types of institutes that offer photography degrees and photography diplomas with offline or online classes and different durations ranging from 3 months to 4 years. Important skills like processing a photograph after it is captured and editing it using digital tools are also part of learning photography. The entire art of photography requires advanced skills and techniques which you should acquire to become a professional photographer in the future. Learn more about the diploma and course structure that we offer for photography. 



Once you acquire a degree or professional certificate, getting a photography job will not be that difficult for you. Combining your passion and skills, you will now be ready to kick start your career. Multiple fields will open for you. You can transform simple images into art expressing and communicating your ideas or completely dive into commercial fields like media. You can even work as a photographer who gives services to events or captures photographs for social media content. Another trending photography job is food photography where photographers are hired by restaurants, hotels and magazines. So, the list goes on for you to choose from. You can even transition from one field to another by learning more about the field you want to transition to. 

At LISAA School of Design, we offer a diploma in Photography which will help you turn your passion into a career in fields like industrial photography, advertising, and the list goes on. Enroll now and pave your way into the enchanting world of photography and digital art.