Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village

Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village

The Student of Interior Designing went for a study trip and Visited Udupi on 19May 2022 to the Hasta shilpa “The Heritage Village.

Hasta Shilpa

Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village Museum is managed by Hasta Shilpa Trust which is a not-for-profit, public charitable trust started by Vijayanath Shenoy. It is registered with the Government of Karnataka. It stands for restoration, conservation, preservation and promotion of India’s fast-vanishing architectural heritage and material culture within the larger framework of the arts and culture. It also supports the development of knowledge and human resources in the arena of the arts, crafts and culture.

Founder Story

Late Vijayanath Shenoy – Founder (June 3, 1934 – March 9, 2017). Vijayanath Shenoy was born on June 3, 1934 in Udupi, Southern Karnataka. The ambience that surrounded him in his early life deeply influenced and shaped the young man: on one hand was the cultural sphere of the historical town in which he was born which absorbed his energy and engaged his mind; on the other was the open countryside to wander in and explore. A bank employee all his working life, both nature and culture of his home region fired Shenoy’s imagination and kindled his desire to imbue his community with the arts.

Brief about Our students’ visit to Hasta Shilpa Heritage Museum.

LISAA Students at Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village

The goal  of HASTA SHILPA MUSEUM is to restore and conserve the nation’s cultural wealth found in the form of structures and other artifacts, some as old as a hundred years.

As we walked along the alley of the complex,each one of the structures was enlightening. Fascinating details of the procurement of the structure, their relocation, the work involved and the history behind each of the structures unfolded during the visit.

26 structures of architectural merit and fine craftsmanship are relocated through the process of restoration under the Trust formed by Mr.Vijaynath Shenoy a bank officer. Each structure has an interesting restoration -story behind it.

It was indeed a very enlightening trip where we learned about our rich culture and heritage.

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