Fake Plants: What makes them popular in Interior Design?

Fake Plants: What makes them popular in Interior Design?

Fake plants are a popular component of interior design. While there are many styles of interior design and decoration, fake plants constitute to be a major element of interior decoration in the minds of interior designers. This is the underlying reason behind the popularity and abundant usage of fake plants in the interior design of residential and commercial interiors.

Fake plants

On the other hand, fresh flowers continue to be largely used in the process of interior decoration. This doesn’t disregard the fact that artificial plants propose copious amounts of aesthetic beauty to the interiors. Interior designers are always torn between fresh flowers and fake plants. Artificial plants have been in the field of interior design for decades together. If you are wondering why you should choose fake plants over fresh flowers for your interior design, we tell you why.

1. They don’t die!

The fundamental reason artificial plants are riding strong on the wheels of interior design is that they don’t die. Since fake plants cannot die, they need not be replaced with new ones every week if not every other day.

2. High-quality plants

If one pays close attention to the quality of artificial plants they are buying, you will understand that fake plants of premium quality can last longer and emanate a lively ambiance for a very long time.

Fake plants
3. Affordable

Imagine watering plants every day and changing them to new pots every once in a while. It is surely a hassle for your bank balance. On the contrary, fake plants are relatively affordable. They cost zero in maintaining them.

4. Look good everywhere

Another reason artificial plants stay one step ahead of fresh flowers is in their applicability. Fake plants look good everywhere in every little nook and corner of interiors. Every room, be it a kitchen, bedroom or even bathroom for that matter, fake plants slay the interior design in one minute.

Fake plants

Fake plants are an integral part of interior design. Every interior design in the world has plants in some corner and fake plants are at the forefront of designing interiors. LISAA School of Design is one such arch design institute grooming students to gain the potential essential to become competent interior designers. Check out the interior design undergraduate courses offered here.

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