Foundation & Fashion Display for Open Days 2022

Foundation & Fashion Display for Open Days 2022

Foundation year students at Lisaa school of design exhibited their wonderful collection of  art and design projects on the occasion of  Open day 2022.

During the foundation year students get introduced to different design streams like graphic, interior & spacial design and animation & multimedia, where they are exposed  to the impending future designs before going for their future specialization. As a part of their international curriculum they learn and practise the fundamentals of designs , fundamentals of drawings and  the history of art and design.

The exhibits include comprehensive study of observation drawings , outdoor drawings, anatomical studies , technical exercises  from color, CAD, and design thinking projects along with most amazing 3D installations.

In one of  the installation projects, students present the ‘Navarasa’ with versatile visualization, with an idea  to create an emotion to a physical element which displays the inside emotions of all the nava rasas. ( Love and beauty, Joy and laughter, Wonder and surprise, Heroism and courage, Sorrow and compassion, Peace and silence, Anger and aggression, Fear, and Disgust). 

Fashion. A term which is related to our everyday life. Sometimes, it is the armour to survive the reality as ready to wear garments while at times, it is a language that interprets reality in the form of couture and most of the times, it is a way to say who you are without having to speak through the drama created by Avant Garde. It just depends on which story we want to put forward and this is what today’s fashion show is all about.

The theme of the fashion show is “Story of my life” where there are different designers with different experiences, various accomplishments, and different breakthroughs. It is an amalgamation of an individual’s emotions and their perspective through their silhouettes, colour, fabric, and the different elements used in their ensembles. For some students, it is about love, family, self-recognition while for others it is the determination of overcoming struggles.

The different stories with different colour schemes from pastels to the dark tones are witnessed where the students got the chance to speak through their creativity. It is the hard work of the students which made the show an amazing one where each of the collections could speak for themselves without uttering a word about the same.

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