Concoction – brewing the Poise.

Concoction – brewing the Poise.

Creativity is what it takes to prosper as a designer and if there is an amalgamation of both the creative design process and the rich traditional Indian craft, then the work of artisans is being valued while reviving the dying craft. Concoction is the agenda that the fashion design students incorporated in their collection for the event organized by IDeA WORD DESIGN COLLEGE for which they bagged the first award of winning a cash prize.

LISAA students performing fashion show.

Concoction – brewing the Poise. The outlook of this particular theme is to revive and embrace the Indian artisans’ work and to withstand numerous dying craft of India. In short, it has been noticed that often times, due to the contemporary silhouettes of the western world, the craft such as Indian prints, dyeing, embroidery, etc., are putting pressure on the artisans to move away from the respective craft and to work in the other industry to have their ends meet. Therefore, through this collection, the design students wanted to emphasize on the revolving times where the Indian craft should be given importance for their vibrancy, authenticity, and the traditional values of India along with the silhouettes.

It was just a span of three days when the design students brainstorm their ideas along with the exploration on silhouettes by experimenting with different prints, draping, and the procurement of materials, especially the denim which symbolizes the changing times.

LISAA students won the first prize.

In other words, with limited time at hand for the final competition, each and every one took over their part whether it is in the shoes of a designer, a model, or even a choreographer. This is where they had put in their inputs to bring out an aesthetically pleasing show which also embraces, celebrates, and emphasizes on one message. That message is to appreciate and cherish the rich, vibrant, and luxurious craft of India which must be taken forward with the contemporary modern creative ideas to being out the exquisite fusion of the past and the present in the future.

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