What is Animation Game Design & Multimedia Course All You Need to Know

What is Animation Game Design & Multimedia Course All You Need to Know

The gaming and entertainment industry is gaining so much popularity among the young generation. Youth today are preferring to opt for Multimedia Course/ Animation Course/ Game Design Course as their professional degree. Top educational institutions like us, LISAA School of Design provide exclusive visual designing courses like Bachelor in Animation and Multimedia Film Making (BAFM). 

This article is all about Multimedia Course/ Animation Course/ Game Design Course and their scope spectrum in India as well as abroad.

What are Animation, Multimedia and Game Design?

Animation, Multimedia, and Game Designing are interrelated components that invoke life in games and movies. 

Animation is the process of metamorphosing a combination of still images into a moving motion. Multimedia deals with game designing and film-making operations such as development, filming, and editing which are most commonly known as pre-production, production, and post-production processes.

The magnanimity of animation and multimedia operations stands important in both game designing and filmmaking industries.

Multimedia Course/ Animation Course/ Game Design Course:

Now, it is time to know the available courses in game design, animation, and multimedia.

There are many game designing courses after 12th such as certificate courses in Game Design, a Diploma in Game Design, Bachelor in Game Designing, etc.

On the other hand, there are many animation and multimedia courses at different levels such as certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Doctoral.

What if there is a course that comprises animation, game-designing, and multimedia, all three together? What if one of the best design colleges, LISAA, School of Design offers it exclusively?

Yes, we provide a BAFM, Bachelor of Animation and Multimedia(Film-making) course which caters for education in both the gaming and film-making aspects.

Know about BAFM:

BAFM is the best course for both gamers and filmmakers that indulge in learning the nuances and tactics that stand behind the best entertaining games and movies. Here is a brief detail regarding the BAFM course that we provide at the LISAA, School of Design:

Full formBachelor of Animation and Multimedia(Film-making)
Course descriptionA full-time degree that is dedicated to educating the techniques and methodologies behind game designing, animation, and multimedia.
Level Undergraduate level
Duration 4 years
Eligibility criteriaCandidates should have completed a minimum of 10+2 in any recognized educational institution.
Admission procedureAdmission to BAFM at LISAA is based on the entrance test, LISAA CAT-Creative Aptitude Test conducted by the school.

BAFM is a course that is most preferred and greatly in demand among courses for gamers as well as filmmakers.

Job scopes for BAFM:

The scope for animation and multimedia-related courses is gigantically expanding. According to the Times Of India Report in October 2022, India has got the world’s second-largest entertainment industry with a reach of INR 24.5 billion market size.

As BAFM is a combinational course that falls under the Multimedia Course/ Animation Course/ Game Design Course, it has a wide job scope in the gaming as well as the filming sector.

Job roles for BAFM in Gaming Industry:

The gaming industry is ever flourishing among today’s generation and here is a graph that depicts the significant development of the game industry in recent years:

Animation Design and Multimedia

Source: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2022/07/gaming-pandemic-lockdowns-pwc-growth/

Comparing to other gamers, BAFM game designing graduates are hired greatly for the following roles in India as well as abroad:

Gaming job rolesAverage annual salary in India(INR)Average annual salary abroad in Dollars(considered US)
Game Designer5,03,00074,367
Game Audio Engineer3,20,00068,210
Game Programmer4,25,00065,756
Game Artist5,50,00059,474
Game Animator3,60,00081,133
Game Tester5,00,00041,058
Game Developer5,30,000116,356
Game System Designer5,00,00072,173
Game Director9,00,000113,911

Job roles for BAFM in Animation and Multimedia Industry:

The animation and multimedia industry is showing outrageous development even surpassing the pandemic period. Here is a graph that depicts the surge of the animation industry in the past decade with an expected growth of INR 180 billion:

 Animation Design and Multimedia



Exclusive job roles are awaiting in animation and multimedia industries for BAFM graduates:

Animation job rolesAverage annual salary in India(INR)Average annual salary abroad in Dollar(Considered US)
2D Animator3,00,00050,000
3D Animator3,55,70669,442
Production Designer4,50,00053,585
Director 37,20,000139,645
Script Writer3,50,00061,384
Layout Artist3,00,00066,888
Digital Painter3,60,00070,695
Image Editor2,60,00062,288
Rigging Artist3.60,00072,576
Special Effect Artist3,87,01680,262
Character Animator3,40,00061,802

Benefits of pursuing BAFM at LISAA:

BAFM at LISAA, one of the best game designing courses in Bangalore unlike certification courses, is actually an undergraduate degree. The benefits of pursuing BAFM over other courses for gamers and filmmakers are as follows:

  • The value of BAFM is unanimously higher compared to other game development courses and multimedia courses. This is because the BAFM is an undergraduate degree rather than just a course.
  • BAFM course centralizes animation and game designing for beginners
  • BAFM students get to learn the refined slim nuances behind the gaming and film-making sector.
  • BAFM students are provided with intense practice in developing gaming aesthetics and professional training in 2D, 3D, and many other animations.
  • BAFM students are guided in streamlining their ideas and improving their visual communication and storytelling skills.
  • BAFM at LISAA exposes students to various techniques such as film appreciation & analysis, computer applications & information technology, theory of design, post-production, etc.
  • BAFM students get to learn in different media like films, television, advertisements, games, education, and much more.

Being one of the best designing colleges, LISAA, the School of Design has got the following recognitions:

  • University degree in Animation & Multimedia Design
  • International Diploma in Animation Design from LISAA, France.
  • Advanced Diploma awarded by JN TE-C SD.

Beyond this, LISAA offers scholarships for qualified students.


As the entertainment industry is majorly contributed by the gaming industry and film industry, it is expected to reach a market volume of $ 42.54 billion in 2027. Starting from Clash of Clans in games to Avatar Movie, everything is constructed by expert game designers and animation specialists. If you are a student who is keen to establish your career in the gaming/animation/multimedia industry, then it is the right choice to pursue BAFM, the best Multimedia Course/Animation Course/Game Designing Course.


  1. Which are the sectors that hire animation experts?
  • Film Production Houses
  • Animation Studios
  • Advertisement Agencies
  • Post Production Houses
  • Computer and Mobile Game Development Houses
  1. Who are the top animation industries?
  • Walt Disney
  • Cartoon Network
  • Times of India
  • Google 
  • Sony
  1. Is game designing a good career?

Yes, Game designing is a good career, especially for creative and artistic people. As Gaming Industry has contributed about 42.1% of the total home entertainment revenues of 2022, the scope for a career in the gaming industry has expanded and will continue to expand as well.

  1. What skills are needed for game designers?

Key skills required for game designers include creativity, artistic vision, programming skills, story portraying skills, and passion for video games. Students pursuing BAFM will develop all these skills throughout the course.

  1. What courses can be studied after BAFM?

Here are some courses that can be studied after BAFM:

  • M.Sc in Animation and Multimedia
  • MDes in Graphic Design
  • M.Sc in Animation