Masters in business Administration in Interior Design

Total No. of Hours : 160 Hours

Hours per week: 18 hours

Eligibility Criteria : Graduates in any stream with 75% Aggregate

Availability : ( Next Batch Start Date June 2023 )

Course Description:

The MBA programme is designed for art, architecture, and design graduates who wish to specialize in creative approaches to the making of the interior. The programme works contextually and aims to provide an adaptive response to the built space.

The design studio is an instrument for the delivery of a teaching and learning strategy which is largely project-based. This allows for the presentation of the studio as a simulated interior architecture and design consultancy. It is foreseen that this approach will produce an enabling and encouraging work environment, which respects individual well-being, sets realistic expectations, and allows for personal development and growth.

The programme offers two pathways: Disquisition by Practice and Disquisition by Research; both pathways are designed to provide a platform to progress to further employment in interior consultancies or to advanced study at the doctoral level.

The programme also features an optional Work Placement Year, which aims to give students a continuous experience of full-time work in an interiors practice, augmenting the simulated practice which is followed in the programme.

Learning Outcomes

  • Tutorial: a discussion involving one-to-one supervision, with feedback or detailed study. Students must be prepared and bring discussion points/agenda items and project management documentation.
  • Seminar: a classroom session focussing on a particular topic or project; typically a tutor-led group discussion.
  • Supervised work: students work independently but under supervision of their mentors in a studio.
  • Peer-to-peer: students explain their ideas to each other and participate in shared learning/working activities.
  • Pushcart :students participate in directed design activities/exercises under supervision.
  • Fieldwork: practical work conducted at an external site; such as building surveys, accessing archival information (physical and digital), and other forms of data collection.
  • Projects: students plan and execute their own projects.
  • Library: students conduct independent reviews of subject literature in the library.
  • E-learning: students complete prescribed online learning activities in their own time.

Studio meetings take place once a week , and studio theory works through the week. Research seminars are presented on a particular topic as directed by the mentors. These are supported by theory seminars for the first six weeks in Terms 1 and 2. Fieldwork and self-directed study are scheduled for the remainder.

Careers for Interior Designers
  • Certified kitchen designers.
  • Corporate designers.
  • Furniture Designers
  • Healthcare designers.
  • Home lighting advisers.
  • Interior decorators.
  • Kitchen and bath designers.
  • Event managers
  • Blogger
  • Project Managers
  • Design and communication agencies
  • Cultural institutions
  • Production design for film, TV, and theater
  • Furniture manufacturing and design
  • Freelance work

How You Are Assessed

Assessment Feedback

Formative assessment occurs regularly throughout the programme by means of student critiques, draft written assignments, and progress reviews. Summative assessment is via project presentation supported by written project documentation.

The Singhania University on assessment feedback aims to ensure that academics will return in-course assessments to you promptly – usually within 15 working days after the submission date.

  • Internal Assessment ( every month )
  • Final exams ( per semester )
  • Thesis ( Final semester )

History of interior furniture -I

Fundamentals of Interior graphics

Design Thinking

Basic design source

Furniture and fittings.

Residential design/Anthropometry/Hand rendering

Small commercial projects


Retail design/environmental control

Building services

AUTOCAD Advanced

Hospitality design /working drawing.

Internship & Thesis