Interior and product design – Hard Metal Workshop

Interior and product design – Hard Metal Workshop

The Metal Workshop provides a research and learning environment as an exposure to expert functions in the fields of working with metal materials and joining technologies. It is critical for students to learn skills of working with metals. The most pivotal operational areas are furniture and object design as well as artistic activities. The Interior and product design workshop offers students, researchers and teachers a facility, equipment and staff for the realization of prototypes, artistic functions and small series production. The Interior and product design students learn how to technically process metals including iron and steel in order to explore the material’s artistic expressive power. Due to their structural properties iron and steel are used in architecture and product design, yet these rugged materials also unlock creative potential beyond the mere satisfaction of practical requirements. Interior and product design workshops at LISAA School of Design, CREO Valley include teaching the fundamentals of metal processing so that students can experiment with materials applying the techniques they have learned. They are intensively advised and supported in creating works of their own design.

Interior and product Design
Students welding the joints

Interior and product design students work with Metals used in Manufacturing Processes.

Whether they design their prototypes from scratch or make use of one simple template-based design, knowing the basics of enclosure design will make their work easier. The Physical Properties of the metal make it easy to handle along with having properties which are adjustable for design projects such as ductility, weldable, affordable etc.

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