Clock Design

Clock Design

Clocks are tools that we use to measure time throughout the day. Ancient Egyptians used sundials to measure time. Other time measurement tools from history are the water clock and the hourglass. We use calendars to measure longer units of time, such as days, weeks, months, and years.

Design Challenge for making a clock.

People have been designing and building clocks for hundreds of years. Now it’s your turn! You must design a model clock that people can use.

These Clock designs should have a problem solving approach, ( Problem can be aesthetic or physical) Your clock will not have any digital output.

Things that can be used for developing the clock

Clock movement machine, Hour and minute hands are mandatory, clock dial, Clock face.

Steps and Planning.
1.Restate the problem in your own words. What are you being asked to do, with a case study presentation?
2.Brainstorm possible solutions to your ideas in words and pictures. Some evidence of planning. Please mention the inspiration of your work.
3.Ideaction sketches and design detailing.

  1. Prototype and 3D rendering.

Design documentation, concept sheet A3 size, Physical model of the clock , good presentation of clock with good render or images.