SCARVES with Egyptian motifs

SCARVES with Egyptian motifs

In fashion, an accessory is an item used to contribute, in a secondary manner, to an individual’s outfit. Accessories are often chosen to complete an outfit and complement the wearer’s look. They have the capacity to further express an individual’s identity and personality. Accessories come in different shapes, sizes, hues, etc. The term came into use in the 20th century.

A scarf is a piece of fabric worn around the neck or head for warmth, sun protection, cleanliness, fashion. A scarf is not only functional but also a decorative item in fashion clothing. In today’s trendy scarfs are used by both men and women as a styling element in any category of clothing.

Egyptian motifs symbolize prosperity and spirituality and daily life. The motif signifies eternity, faith, power and represents life. Graffiti is writing or drawings made on a wall or other surface, usually without permission and within public view. Graffiti is a method of expressing thoughts and ideas in a colorful creative manner.

Keeping all this reason in mind a study was taken up and scarfs were designed. The methodology of the study is divided into 2 phases.

Phase 1

Observation and study were done to learn the art of graffiti in the combination of Egyptian motifs.


A process where choice of fabric, color, motif product design were designed and developed

Either to make a fashion statement or to keep up with the trend, many of us wear a scarf but scarves actually offer much more than that to the person wearing it. Though there are so many types of accessories, the scarf, though it’s a minor accessory, plays a vital role in styling a person.

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