National Technology Day

National Technology Day

National Technology day is celebrated to mark the outstanding technological developments in the country. It was officially declared by late prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee after nuclear tests were carried out on May 11th 1998.

At the Central Silk Board(CSB) they chose to display their latest technological advancements and developments on this day. LISAA School of Design took the 2nd year and 3rd year Fashion Design students to CSB. The event served as a wonderful platform to facilitate interaction between the students and the scientists who were present there. The products developed through the Product Design Development and Diversification Division were also showcased.

National Technology day

On National Technology day, the students were made aware of various technologies used in Central Silk Technological Research Institute (CSTRI). The students were exposed practically to the concepts from silk reeling, weaving, dyeing, printing and testing. They were delighted to learn the secrets of producing different kinds of silk at an industrial level. The students were filled with enthusiasm to visualize the classroom lectures practically. This visit guided the students to have a vision towards research in the field of technical textiles using this beautiful silk called queen of fibers.

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