B.Sc Fashion and Apparel Design

Course description

The curriculum designed by the committee in trajectory with National Education Policy 2020 guidelines aims to provide a framework for understanding fashion design and accessories by sensitizing students to conceptual, visual and perceptual design process. The framed syllabus and the course policy is learner centric with varied levels of skills in the course of each academic year. Program structure and selected courses give a diverse choice of subjects according to changing trends in fashion and design under Choice Based Credit System. Considering the domestic and global requirement and challenges, the B.Sc. in Fashion and Apparel Design (Degree/Honors) course curriculum has been designed to help upcoming design professionals to demonstrate their personal design philosophy, perpetuate innovation and creativity. 

The main objective of this course is to orient the students towards the various facets of the fashion industry. The students will be empowered with knowledge, technical know-how, skills required for various roles in the industry and entrepreneurship for embarking on their professional careers.

By the end of the Programme the students will gain knowledge of the fundamental principles of fashion, apparel, and design.and inculcate knowledge on the fashion process from conceptualisation to technical expertise. They will also  apply knowledge and skills in the use of basic tools, techniques and processes sufficient to produce work from specification to finished products. One will also understand the CAD applications in par with the industry demands.

The students will become familiar with upcoming trends and practices in the fashion and apparel sectors.

Career Opportunities

A career in fashion is a very creative and in-demand career in the world. The opportunities for a fashion student can range anywhere from being a Fashion Designer at a fashion studio to being a retail buyer manager, fashion stylist , textile designer, accessory designer, visual merchandiser or even be an entrepreneur.