Diploma in Professional Photography


CREO Valley and Singhania University


1 year (2 semesters)

After this course he/she will be able to create their own signature style photography. Then students will be able to correct colors, detailing of the subject, lighting without any digital editing software’s. This course also provides colour corrections, client management, marketing tips and photo archiving as a bonus

Upon completion of the course, students are prepared for specialized employment in the industry. Our faculty draw upon real-world experience in a wide range of fields, including portraiture, weddings, products, food, sports, fashion, and so on.

To learn the deep knowledge of photography and types of photography.

To create your creative traits to art that can be preserved.

To make your career more interesting and stand out in the crowd.

Learn the real photography 

Helps you to draw your imaginations with the medium of light through your photographs

Understand the combination of Light and Camera

Acquire the deep knowledge on the Pillars of Photography : Exposure, Speed & ISO

Expertise in the field of Black and White Photography

Learn the in-depth knowledge of Colors

Create one of your photographs equivalent to a million words.


What is Real Photography?

Types of Photography

Types of Camera

Types of Lenses

Old and Modern Photography

Pillars of Photography

Focal Length

Color Theory

Black & White Theory

Color, Black & White Printing

Field Tips

Interactive Session