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Pros of Artificial Intelligence in Interior Design

More professionals across industries are becoming increasingly familiar with the concept of artificial intelligence (AI), and the practical applications it has to advance and improve upon human efforts. Its explosive growth is due in no small part to the recent innovations in software and robotics in industries like design and manufacturing that have paved the […]


Building Design Principles Supporting Sustainable Architecture

While there is much an architect can do during construction, one can also design the building to reduce the environmental footprint. These are known as “greenhouses,” and it’s a building that is eco-friendly from start to finish, including everything from design, through to maintenance and even eventual demolition. There are several design principles that, when […]


Rattan – A Sustainable Furniture option for your home

Bring texture, warmth, playfulness, and the outdoors in with these seven ways to decorate your home with rattan. Rattan furniture is a trend, but it is a trend with staying power. Rattan falls into the macro trend of biophilic design, and decor that connects interior spaces to the natural world rarely goes out of style. […]


Vernacular Architecture in South India

6. The Calicut Houses The very typical two storied middle-class houses with numerous small rooms, providing privacy at a budget. They are primarily built of the abundant laterite found in the neighborhood and timber. These houses are traditionally occupied by the many Hindu joint families. The houses generally consisted of members belonging to over three […]


Importance of AutoCAD in Interior Architecture

With the development of technology, use of computer softwares for designing and space creation has become extensively popular. The hands on assignments and activities involving the use of different softwares like Autocad, Sketchup and Photoshop are encouraged throughout the curriculum. This makes the student ready for cut throat competition of the outside world and stand […]