Bachelors Degree in Journalism

Bachelors Degree in Journalism

Bachelors Degree in Journalism from Bangalore University & International Diploma in Film Making from QAI London (UK)

Product Description

At CREO Valley School Of Film & Television, Bachelors Degree in Journalism programme enables students to gather information, learn how to assimilate that information and then communicate that information to the interested parties. The program in Journalism includes coursework that prepares a student to be a writer and/or designer for print media and the internet.

Journalism majors are taught through hands-on practice to gather information, verify facts, exercise news judgment, write against deadlines, edit, practice ethical decision-making, and adhere to press laws and regulations.

The promoters of CREO Valley School of Film & Television also own and operate nationwide News Channel “News World” ( currently being broadcasting all over India on channel #425 on Big TV (Reliance Entertainment). The students at CREO Valley School Of Film & Television Bangalore will get first hand experience by helping the News Channel operations while studying at the school.

By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.– Oscar Wilde


CREO Valley School Of Film & Television’s Bachelors in Journalism is affiliated with Bangalore University and is combined with international standards of training in Film Making. The candidates will not only earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from respected University in India but will also earn International Diploma from QAI in London.

Areas of focus during studies:

  • Introduction to Mass Communication
  • Fundamentals of Journalism
  • Media Laws and Ethics
  • Basic Audio
  • Visual Media
  • Reporting Methods
  • Editing Techniques
  • Media Management
  • Advertising & Public Relation
  • International Specialization in Acting, Cinematography, Editing, Direction, Photography, Script Writing, Sound Engineering

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