The future lab at CREO Valley, Bangalore is trying to create awareness through education and education through the means of a board Game.

The issue at hand is Sexual Abuse against Children. In our society today, there is an increased need for awareness about sexual abuse against children. This owes to the fact that there is a steep increase in the number of cases of sexual abuse against children today. So, there is a dire need to protect our children from all such incidents, more importantly, teach them how to protect themselves incase such a situation ever arises.

About the game:

Target Audience: Age Group 8 – 12, boys and girls.

Number of players: 3 to 4.

The game can be played amongst the suggested target group or under adult guidance.


 The game is inspired by the story “The Red Riding hood”, we have conceptualised this idea into the present world i.e. Red Riding hood in the urban jungle.


The game requires the players to travel through the urban environments of the housing society, the park, the market place and the suburban neighbourhoods. The movement on the board is governed by the dice. (Single dice)

The player through the course of the game comes across situations, where his or her choices either pushes him back or propels him forward. The player also gets help through clue cards and traps through danger cards.

Each player has to carry four tokens; the first player to reach the finish line i.e. the granny’s house with all the three ingredients is the winner.

All through the game, the players face Challenges and Threats. “Challenges” are small enjoyable tasks that keep the game running. “Threats” are designed to educate children how to evaluate threats to their person when their parents are not around. Threats consists of neighbors, family friends, relatives, etc.

The aim of the game is to impart knowledge and teach the audience through gameplay, the aim is to be the first to reach Granny’s house with all the four tokens, as the player moves along the path he or she is faced with challenges that are related to the subject at hand.

Board Specificat­­­­­ions

 Board size = A2

Dimensions =42 cm width x 59.4 cm height

Material proposed = Sun board with matte lamination for the board and cardboard for packaging and 300 gsm paper for cards.

The Game includes a dice, the player tokens (color coded) four tokens each, cards (part of gameplay) and a note to parents.

Look and Feel

 The board mocks the urban landscape by visually representing different sections and landmarks of a city, making it easy for any player to relate with the game.

Each player travels from one end of the board to the other that is starting point and finishing point, i.e. from their own house (The starting point) to Granny’s House (The finishing point).

The player travels through the path which passes through the urban landscape. This path is divided into 43 steps including the starting and finishing point.