In the year 1896, Lumiere brothers came to Bombay (then), and gave the taste of the first ever film to be seen in India. At the time no one could have imagined that the screening of this film would pave a way for a thriving film industry in India, for the decades to come. In the present day, an Indian film finds its market in over 90 countries across the globe By the end of 2010, India became world leader in terms of annual film output. With the production of over a thousand films every year in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and other regional languages.

Today thousands of youngsters with eyes sprinkled with star dust, leave their homes to become a part of the glamour of Tinsel Town. A chosen few are actually able to realize their dreams, the rest either give up and go back or remain a part of the lot that is commonly referred to as “the strugglers”.

Coming from the veterans in the industry, enough emphasis has been laid on training and thorough knowledge of the craft of film making, as a major criterion that differentiates the strugglers from the success stories. As a youngster who wishes to be part of the Film Industry it only makes more sense to get trained under the guidance of the subject matter experts, before he or she is ready to start looking for their place in this land of dreams.

CREO Valley the organization, (literally meaning the Valley of Creativity) was founded with a vision of imparting education in the creative fields to budding artists who are looking for platforms to polish their skills and showcase their talents. CREO Valley aims to be the preparation ground for every youngster who wants to join the film Industry. The courses at CREO Valley are priced appropriately in order to give everyone a fair chance to get the training that is the first step to fulfilling their dreams.

CREO Valley School of Film and Television has launched its first center in Bangalore, in order to give the youngsters from different parts of the country a chance to learn the tricks of the trade. Being located in Bangalore (which is extremely well connected both with South and with Mumbai) gives the students studying here an added advantage of trying their luck out both with Bollywood and Sandalwood. Through our connections with agencies and production houses in both the mainstream cinema and south Indian film industry, the student studying here can get a chance to work in either industry in case their portfolio is chosen for available work.

Our students are oriented in not just the advanced skills in the art forms they are pursuing, but are also given a perspective in how to make their creations reach to the aficionados in the best possible manner. The courses offered at CREO Valley School of Film & Television have been accredited by the Quality Assurance International (QAI), UK. In order to ensure high standards to impart world class training in film making, CREO Valley has created a premium infrastructure that provides a conducive environment for future story tellers while taking care that their technical requirements are met with international industry standards.

Rated amongst the Top design schools in Europe, CREO Valley also manages LISAA School of Design, Bangalore, offering Degree Courses in Design from the UGC recognized university.

CREO Valley has also set up a Production House & a Corporate Advertising Agency, for producing Feature films, Television serials, Commercials and corporate films. These ventures provide our students a unique advantage of working on live projects, which is unparalleled in India. CREO Valley School of Film & Television is fully owned and operated by SaiPath Infra & Services (P) Ltd.

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