international courses

International Diploma and Certificate Courses in Film Making, Acting, Direction, Editing, Cinematography, Photography

  • Acting

    Acting course at CREO Valley is recognized by QAI, London (UK).

  • Bachelors Degree in Journalism

    Bachelors Degree in Journalism from Bangalore University & International Diploma in Film Making from QAI London (UK)

  • Bachelors Degree in Performing Arts

    Bachelors Degree in Performing Arts and International Diploma in Film Making. Affiliated with Bangalore University and QAI London (UK).

  • Cinematography

    A Cinematographer plays a very important role in the process of film making. His job is to convey the perspective of the Director to the audience effectively. The Course aims to give the student a thorough training in every required aspect of Cinematography ,including Introduction to different cameras, their functions, lighting, camera angles & movements etc. […]

  • Diploma in Film Making

    International Diploma in Film Making. Acting, Cinematography, Editing, Direction, Post Production, Photography.

  • Editing

    At CREO Valley, an aspiring editor will be trained in editing softwares like Final Cut Pro (FCP), AVID and Adobe Premier. An intensive training for visual effects and color correction will be given on Smoke and After Effects.

  • Film Direction

    Our Film Direction Course is an intensive program which covers a comprehensive range of film making proficiencies including writing, producing, directing, editing and cinematography. It is designed to allow the student a successful transition from the campus to the world of films, television or video production.

  • Photography

    Photography is the most popular medium that captures life as goes by. Travelling, visiting a new place, important events and tender moments; every time such incidents come up one surely feels like capturing it for posterity. International courses in Photography.

  • Script Writing

    The Script Writing course at CREO Valley helps you frame you creative stories in an structured manner. You would be able to present original story ideas in a gripping manner, detailed characterizations, scenes and Dialogues. Identify & develop your own style of narration suiting to films, Television, Corporate films, Plays, Ad films & Documentaries

  • Sound Engineering

    CREO Valley has designed a comprehensive program in Sound Engineering for those who love to play with sound and music. The school incorporates an impressive list of facilities. Our computer lab facilities are also of the highest standard, where each student is assigned Apple iMac / PC workstation depending on the project, fully equipped with the required industry software. Offering International Certificate and Diploma courses.


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