Such a fine act !

Guess who is back? Former Miss India and actor Neha Dhupia is in town today to inaugurate CREO Valley School of Film & Television. Jet setting across the country, she manages to take out a few hours for the event before flying to Goa to shoot for ‘Ikkis Topon Ki Salami’ a political comedy starring Anupam Kher. Despite a packed schedule, the actress who calls a spade a spade gets chatting with us.

Just back from walking the ramp for a designer for a fashion event in the capital, the actress recalls that for the longest time her father never really took her acting career seriously. “He would ask me when I would get a proper job, which is why I feel that more film institutes should be encouraged in the country,” says the actress about inaugurating the CREO Valley School of Film & Television in the city.

For someone who never thought of joining films and wanted to be an athlete instead, Neha admits that the last 10 years have not been easy. “There is only one thumb rule to survive in this very unforgiving industry – you need to keep reinventing and believe in yourself,” says the brazen actress.


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